Can I deliver CAOC courses through my airport’s LMS?

You can now provide your employees and service providers with access to Airport Council International’s (ACI’s) suite of world-leading online training courses via your local Learning Management System (LMS) through our new Dispatch Service.

Benefits of the new service include:

  • Expand Your Airport’s Training Offerings

Expand your training offerings by accessing a broad range of industry leading online training courses that have been carefully curated and accredited by ACI.

  • Simplified User Management

Manage users and assign courses through your existing LMS.

  • Consolidated Training Records Management

Consolidate training records into one system leading to more effective and efficient training records management, monitoring and reporting.

  • Leverage Value

Leverage greater value from your existing learning systems, software and infrastructure.

How does it work?

When you subscribe to our Dispatch Service, we send you a small Dispatch File for each course that you need. These files can then be uploaded into your LMS.

This file basically behaves like any SCORM package – when the course is assigned to a user and the user launches the course in your LMS, our Dispatch Software serves up the correct course.

The course will then behave and track in your LMS like any other SCORM package.

How much does it cost?

The Dispatch Service Subscription is an annual fee of $950 CAD. This fee pays for the software needed to publish and deliver our courses via your local LMS.

It is a one-off annual fee regardless of the number of courses licensed. Once it is in place you can license any of the programs in the CAOC library and deliver them as required in your LMS. All you will pay for are the license fees for the courses that you use.

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