Create a Culture of Digital Transformation

Do you want to cultivate a culture of ‘Digital Transformation’ in your airport?  Our short course on Airport Digital Transformation explores digital transformation and how leveraging new technologies will improve airport performance.

This course covers:

  • technologies that airports can adopt to become a digital ready airport
  • key steps involved in digital transformation
  • major challenges, risks, and opportunities involved in digital transformation
  • recommendations for key areas of digitalization based on best practice

Duration: 60 minutes

Training to Cultivate Digital Transformation

Foster a culture of Digital Transformation in your airport by enrolling key personnel in the Airport Digital Transformation course. Change doesn’t just happen – it is important to get all airport staff on board with why the transformation is necessary.

CAOC’s group training offers:

  • flexible procurement processes
  • group discounts
  • access to a Learning Management System with powerful reporting functionality
  • optional access to user-management functionality