Deepen your Knowledge of Airside Safety

The Certificate I in Airside Safety combines five online safety courses into a certificate-level program that provides participants with a broad knowledge and understanding of the key elements of airside safety and how these elements combine as part of the airport’s overall Safety Management System.

This course is ideal for initial or recurrent safety training for all airport employees and service provider personnel.

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You’ll gain an understanding of:

The necessary components of airside safety including the unique nature of the airside, the various roles and responsibilities required to maintain a high level of safety, the major elements of airside safety and some of the common hazards that they may encounter.

Applying the key principles, concepts and elements of Safety Management Systems to increase aviation safety.

The fundamental concepts of human factors and effectively manage human performance issues at an airport.

Determining approaches to enhance safety, improve operations and prevent or reduce accidents, incidents and occurrences on the apron.

The threat posed by Foreign Object Debris (FOD) and the critical elements of a FOD program that can help airports to manage this threat successfully

Course duration: 9 hours

Price: USD$330.00

Now: USD$264.00

Each course includes an integrated online assessment. Candidates must successfully complete the assessment to receive a Certificate of Completion.

Further Study

Continue your learning pathway and complete the Certificate II in Airside Safety that builds on the knowledge gained in the Certificate I program.

Exploring some of the more specialized areas of airside safety as you broaden your understanding of how to establish and maintain safe airside operations effectively.

You’ll gain an understanding of:

Producing more appropriate emergency plans that enable their airport to effectively cope with a crisis and return to normal operations as soon as possible
How to employ defenses to prevent accidents and incidents from occurring and how to approach and conduct the accident and investigation process at your airport
Producing better and more appropriate plans for the management of, and safe operation during airport construction projects
Applying methodologies and best practices to achieve a “state of the art” level of runway safety
The key elements involved in Wildlife Hazard Management and how these elements are integrated successfully into your airport’s Wildlife Hazard Management Plan

Course duration: 10.5 hours

Price: USD$450.00

Now: USD$360.00

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