Case Study: Saskatoon International Airport

Saskatoon John G. Diefenbaker International Airport explains the benefit of integrated online learning solutions.

Saskatoon John G. Diefenbaker International Airport (operating under the brand name Skyxe Saskatoon Airport) is our latest case study showing just how simple it can be for airports to deliver online training to their personnel. Furthermore, it reveals how you can easily deploy mandatory training to staff and build a safety culture with regular online training offerings for personnel.

Saskatoon Airport was established on 1 June 1929 and is named after John G. Diefenbaker, the 13th Prime Minister of Canada. One of Skyxe’s Corporate Values is “Being the Best in Our Business.”. Primary to their business is minimizing all risks to provide a safe, secure and healthy environment. The airport values innovation, sustainability, operational excellence, and continuous improvement.

Purpose of training

Taking advantage of the CAOC integrated online platform assisted the airport with their Civil Aviation Compliance regarding mandatory training requirements for personnel. The platform provided their team with a structured learning experience from one consistent source. It was also convenient as it provided learning that was accessible, self-paced and available online whenever the user needed to complete their training.

Building a Safety Culture

As part of their strategy to build a safety culture, the team at Skyxe wanted to provide their personnel with the tools required to succeed in their role. Part of this included employee learning focusing on courses such as Human Factors Safety Training and Safety Management Systems Training.

“The learning provides the background training on SMS, what its purpose is, and is a good reminder of personal responsibility within the greater system responsibility”, said Ryan Bert-Vidal, A.A.E. Duty Manager with Skyxe.

Airside Safety

In addition, the Airfield Team of Skyxe undertook the Certificate in Airside Safety, which included key areas of learning relevant to their current roles. Personnel explored topics such as Airside Safety, Apron Safety Management and Foreign Object Debris Prevention. Personnel in other positions at the airport also received training in some of these modules, depending on the relevance to the nature of their work.

Training Benefits

The CAOC learning platform provided background training in a self-paced environment that was comfortable to the learner.

“The CAOC online learning meets our expectations and provides the foundation that Skyxe builds on to continue our ongoing blended learning in the development of our Team” said Andrew Leeming,
Vice President, Operational Excellence at Skyxe.

The team at Skyxe agree that an investment in the CAOC online platform is worthwhile. “As continuous learning is key to maintaining our individual toolboxes, providing sense of place and value within the Team, staying fresh and current on key learning principles.” said Leeming.

CAOC online learning provided their team with a consistent baseline of knowledge relevant to their role within the company. This knowledge provided the team with a good foundation, and linked well to continued learning specific to Saskatoon Airport.

Skyxe recommends Canadian Airports Online College as a ‘go to’ for aviation industry eLearning.


The CAOC would like to thank the team at Saskatoon John G. Diefenbaker International Airport for taking the time to assist us in developing this article.