Certificate in Terminal and Landside Operations


The Terminal and Landside Operations course will provide participants with the knowledge to optimize airport terminal and landside operations and provide a positive passenger experience in harmony with security requirements and revenue generating activities.

This course can be taken as a stand alone Certificate Programme or as part of the ACI Airport Operations Diploma Program.

On completion of this course participants will be able to:

  • Understand the complex service delivery chain within airports where people from various agencies and companies work together to provide services and amenities utilized by customers
  • Describe the tools used by airport operators working in collaboration with the entire airport community to significantly improve customer satisfaction with the airport experience
  • Describe terminal design categories and the advantages and disadvantages of each
  • Understand the impact of Airport Concessions on customer experiences, customer satisfaction, terminal design and airport profitability
  • Describe the ways in which technology enables Common Use and Self-Service options and the benefits of each for the Customer and for the Airport
  • Describe the landside facilities found at an airport and the various operational activities that take place ranging from curbside passenger processing to the ground transportation services that are used by customers to access the airport.
  • Understand the handling of baggage and cargo at airports including the different types of baggage, baggage fees and the impact of baggage on passenger choices and facilitation
  • Describe the major components of the air cargo industry including the members of the air cargo community and the functions of the air cargo terminal
  • Describe key aviation organisations that have regulatory authority over civil aviation and/or serve as forums for cooperation and setting standards for the international civil aviation community
  • Understand the importance of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and its role in international civil aviation
  • Explain key Standards and Recommended Practices contained in ICAO Annex 9 – Facilitation and in Annex 17 – Security and their relationship to Terminal and Landside Operations

Course Content

The Certificate in Terminal and Landside Operations consists of the following five modules:

Customer Experience Management

  • The Airport Environment – A Complex Business
  • Definition of a Customer
  • A Customer Centric Airport Model
  • Customer Priorities at Airports
  • A Passenger’s End to End Journey

Airport Passenger Terminals

  • Customer Centric Terminal Requirements
  • Terminal Design
  • Concessions, Terminal Design and Customer Experience
  • Technology Enabled Common Use
  • The Self-Service Airport

Landside Operations

  • Airport Layout and Landside Facilities
  • Landside Operations
  • Congestion Management
  • Airport Parking
  • Ground Transportation Management

Baggage and Cargo

  • Introduction
  • Baggage
  • Cargo and Freight

International Perspective and Regulations

  • The International Regulatory Landscape
  • International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)
  • Annex 9 – Facilitation
  • Annex 17 – Security


Each training module includes an integrated online assessment.

Candidates must successfully complete all module assessments to receive a Certificate of Completion.

Course info

  • Language: English
  • Duration: 15 Hours
  • Level: Certificate
0 out of 5

$895.00 CAD