TP312 Course 6 – Visual Aids: Operations and Maintenance



TP312 Course 1 – Essential Information is mandatory for all participants and must be the first course taken in the TP312 5th Edition Training program whether taken alone or with one or more other courses.

TP312 Course 6 – Visual Aids: Operations and Maintenance consists of the following three online modules:

1. Chapter 6: Marking and Lighting of Objects

This module discusses the requirement to mark and/or light objects on the movement area that may pose a hazard to aircraft.
The module also discusses which objects must be marked and the methods used to mark them.

2. Chapter 8: Aerodrome Lighting System Design and Operations

This module explores secondary power supply, lighting circuit design and the operation and control of lighting systems, aerodrome vehicle operation and low/reduced visibility operations plans.

3. Chapter 9: Aerodrome Maintenance

This module covers the final chapter of the standard and provides limited information concerning general maintenance, pavement maintenance, winter maintenance and introduces a lighting serviceability table.


On completion of this course you will be able to:

• Determine what objects are to be marked and lighted
• Explain how objects are to be marked and lighted
• Understand what exceptions apply
• Explain secondary power supply requirements
• Understand aerodrome lighting circuit design requirements
• Understand control and monitoring requirements for aerodrome lighting
• Describe the operation and control requirements for aerodrome lighting systems
• Understand the vehicle operation requirements within an aerodrome
• Apply the requirements related to low/reduced visibility operations
• Explain the requirement for establishing an aerodrome maintenance program that ensures the aerodrome components are maintained in a condition of compliance with the standards outlined in TP312
• Explain maintenance requirements relating to the coefficient of friction of aerodrome pavements
• Describe winter maintenance requirements relating to aircraft movement areas
• Describe lighting system serviceability requirements

Course info

  • Duration: 1 Hour
  • Language: English
  • Level: Short Course
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