Learner Profile: Adrien Tay

Learning the language of airports for client success.

Adrien Tay, APAC Industry Solutions Director at Huawei International, is a tech consultant who offers solutions to the aviation industry.

Servicing airlines, airports, and civil aviation authorities, it is important for Adrien to have a comprehensive understanding of the industry.

Adrien enrolled in the Diploma in Airport Operations to help him better service his clients by being able to speak their language and understand what is important to them.

Through the course, Adrien deepened his knowledge of airport operations, assisting him when he engages with C-level executives and stakeholders.

“I would definitely recommend it to my colleagues and customers as it provides airport and aviation staff a deep understanding of the work scope, the stakeholders, the ICAO guidelines and the business aspect of the entire airport operations.”

Adrien benefitted from the online, self-paced course structure as it accommodated his busy schedule. Being able to complete the training during personal time and weekends allowed him to find a good balance between his professional commitments and learning journey.

“It is easy to navigate and easy to learn and absorb. Great course to take.”

Thanks so much ACI for this amazing course !!”

In completing the Diploma in Airport Operations, Adrien has enhanced both his professional value and contribution to his clients in the aviation industry.