Learner Profile: Garry Holland

Become an Airport Security Expert through Practice…. and More Practice

Garry Holland works for Edmonton International Airport (EIA) as the Branch Manager for GardaWorld Protective Services, Airport Security. EIA is the fifth busiest airport in Canada in terms of passenger numbers and is North America’s northernmost major airport. It is operated by the Edmonton Regional Airports Authority (or Edmonton Airports), a community-based, not-for-profit authority established in 1990.

EIA is the fastest growing major airport in Canada, having doubled in passenger numbers since 2004. EIA is an important air hub for Northern Canada, with scheduled non-stop flights to 18 destinations across Canada’s Arctic territories and numerous charter flights to the Canadian Arctic.

As the Branch Manager of Airport Security Protective Services Garry provides oversight to the airport’s management team and to over 150 security personnel. Their team provides the physical security component to EIA. As part of his role Garry is responsible for developing policies, procedures, safeguards and levels of protection to the airport.

Garry was one of the first learners to enrol in the Online Learning Centre’s Certificate in Airport Security in 2018. He decided to complete this certificate as he believes that learning plays an important part in keeping up with industry standards and best practice, and as such should be a continuous process. He commented that one should “stick to the basics, practice – practice and more practice and become an expert.”. Garry believes that the material in Certificate in Airport Security provides the basic framework to develop one’s skills and become an expert.

The Certificate in Airport Security helped Garry establish new Comprehensive Security Needs Models and procedures.  Overall, he found the certificate a fantastic refresher and gave him new inspiration for the area he is responsible for.

Congratulations to Garry Holland for being one of the first Certificate in Airport Security graduates!