Learner Profile: Jonathan Weinzapfel

Pathway to Understanding Aviation through the U.S. Airport Professional (USAP) Course from ACI-NA




The aviation industry’s expansive nature means that professionals, even those not directly associated with flight operations, need a holistic understanding of airport functionalities. For Jonathan Weinzapfel, the General Counsel at the Indianapolis Airport Authority, the quest to fully grasp the diverse operations of an airport led him to the U.S. Airport Professional (USAP) course accredited by ACI-NA. This case study explores his experiences and the value he derived from this educational journey.



Transitioning into the aviation sector with no prior background in the field, Jonathan found himself at a crossroads 12 months into his role at the Indianapolis Airport Authority. With numerous decisions and documents passing through his office, Jonathan felt the pressing need for a comprehensive overview of airport operations.


Discovery of USAP

Acting upon his drive to better understand the intricacies of airport functionalities, Jonathan approached the HR department, inquiring about possible training opportunities. The HR team, recognizing the value of the USAP course for professionals like Jonathan, recommended it as the ideal solution. To Jonathan’s advantage, the airport took the initiative to cover his training costs.


The USAP Experience

For Jonathan, the USAP course was extremely helpful. The curriculum offered a structured yet comprehensive overview of airport operations, making complex concepts manageable and easy to understand. Moreover, it allowed him to draw parallels between an airport’s multifaceted functionalities and that of a self-contained city. This insight proved helpful for several of the Indianapolis Airport Authority’s upcoming projects, such as a new hotel and hiking trails to be built in collaboration with a not-for-profit.

Beyond the direct knowledge benefits, enrolling in the USAP course also sent a clear message to the Indianapolis Airport Authority. It showcased Jonathan’s commitment to not just understanding the domain but also his keen interest in contributing more significantly to the organization’s growth and success.



Jonathan Weinzapfel’s experience with the USAP course underscores the importance of continuous learning, even for professionals in non-traditional aviation roles. As Jonathan would endorse, the course serves as a foundational pillar for those new to the aviation field, offering a bird’s-eye view of the myriad operations that make an airport tick. As airports continue to expand their horizons and embed themselves deeper into community development, like building hotels or hiking trails, professionals equipped with a comprehensive understanding, such as that offered by USAP, will be better positioned to lead these initiatives.