Learner Profile: Serdar Bayburt

Elevating Aviation Safety Knowledge and Practices



Serdar Bayburt, the Team Leader and Project Manager at Haritaevi Aviation Engineering, recognizes the essential need for comprehensive safety training in his role. To meet this requirement, Serdar enrolled in the Certificate I in Airside Safety.


In reflecting on what he learnt from the course, Serdars learning journey brought about two significant revelations.


Firstly, the course demonstrated that safety should not merely be a set of regulations and guidelines but a culture that permeates the entire organization. Serdar understood that safety is the responsibility of every individual working in the aviation sector, not just a select group of professionals. This shift in mindset towards collective safety responsibility was a crucial takeaway.


Secondly, Serdar gained an appreciation for the potential of technology in revolutionizing aviation safety practices. He learned how advanced technologies can offer numerous benefits to aviation safety, including improved monitoring, swifter incident response, and enhanced risk assessment.


“The ACI trainings have equipped me with a solid foundation and a deep understanding of the subject matter. I feel confident and well-prepared to tackle challenges and contribute effectively to my work.”


Serdar’s completion of the Certificate I in Airside Safety has enriched his knowledge and skills, enabling him to make more informed decisions, implement safer practices, and foster a safety-conscious culture within his team and organization.


“From my own experience, I’ve gathered another critical insight from this training: it strongly underscores the significance of adopting an aviation safety-oriented approach, especially in practical situations. This is particularly relevant for professionals in the aviation industry, like us, who often work tirelessly and need to understand how to approach aviation safety during the planning, design, and implementation phases.”


With his newfound knowledge, Serdar is better equipped to ensure the safety and success of aviation projects, contributing to the overall advancement of the aviation industry.